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Yes we wear tuxes.

No, we're not typical!


  1. Guitar/Vocal
  2. Female Vocal
  3. Bass
  4. Drums
  5. Keyboards
  6. Soul Vocal
  7. Soul Vocal
  8. Sax/Flute/Clarinet
  9. Trumpet
  10. Trombone
  11. Tenor or Baritone
  12. Soul Vocal

7 Pieces

The exceptional foundation. Our 7 piece band size has unmatched chemistry that extends from the stage to the dance floor. This is the base for our set-band experience at all sizes. Superb crowd reading, on-the-fly music selection, captivating performance, and incredible musical versatility. The roots, the bedrock, the extraordinary heart of our band. All the essence without the size.

8-10 Pieces

Horns add musical depth and a larger, fuller sound... they also look cool! First horn is sax, and he plays flute and clarinet too. The second horn is trumpet. Sax and trumpet playing together form the superb horn section sound that we're known for and everyone loves! Vocals add musical dimension as well as entertainment. Elevate the excitement and energy with horns and vocals!

11-12 Pieces

Pull out all the stops for your once in a lifetime day. A wall of singers + A wall of horns + A wall of rhythm. Super elegant and super high energy performance. Round out you horn section with our trombone player and the big daddy of the horns the baritone. Heighten the impact on your day and maximize the wow-factor — totally extraordinary and unforgettable!!!!!!

New York Edge Orchestra

14-18 Pieces
Galas • Concerts • Weddings
Charity Events • Corporate Events

GO-ALL-OUT!!! The paramount experience… customized for your event!


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